Document Your World In Your Journal

How many favorite places from your childhood no longer exist? Do you have any photos of those places? Can you remember where they were? I have a first-hand account of my great grandparent’s 50th anniversary celebration that is full of great information about who came, what food was served, and even the songs that were sung. It mentions that the event took place at Hense Springs. I’m still trying to find out where Hense Springs is/was.

Because of this and the loss of other places that were part of our family’s history, I’ve taken to journaling photos and descriptions of people and places that are important in our current lives. I use the Day One journaling app [Mac – $9.99 & iOS – $4.99] which makes this easy. When I take a photo of a place with my iPhone and include it in my Day One journal, it adds location and date/time information as part of the journal entry. It only takes a line or two to add why this place is special. Now, when I mention that place in other journal entries, there’s also a reference note about the place that the app’s search feature can easily find.

As for those places that no longer exist . . . Day One’s also a great place to tell the tales related to them. And if I can find a photo, advertisement or news clipping that includes the place, I add it too.

2 thoughts on “Document Your World In Your Journal

  1. I’ve been astounded at how much mobile devices help with family history. I’ll be at my Grandma’s house, and suddenly she starts telling a story about her mom. I pop out my phone and click the big red button on the desktop (I have an audio recorder app). Now I have the story recorded for posterity. She mentions she has a photo of the place, and runs and comes back with the photo. I open my camera app and have an instant scan of the photo. She shows me an old newspaper article about her grandpa. *Click* Now I have a copy of it, too. She finds a poem her dad wrote. I pop out my camera app and this time set it to video record. Now I’ve got a video of her reading her father’s poem. Because I knew she would appreciate it, I email a copy to my sister. REMARKABLE! Instantly digitized, instantly backed up on the cloud (depending on my settings), and instantly shareable.


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