Evernote for Conferences

Conferences are a great way to keep up with what is happening in the genealogy world AND see what’s new in products, books and services AND connect with other researchers AND get totally overwhelmed from the information overload.

Fortunately, there are several ways our old friend Evernote can help insure you get the most out of your conference experience. Here are some ideas:

  • Set up a notebook for the conference and include your schedules, travel itinerary, confirmation numbers and other useful information. Premium users can create offline notebooks (for iOS and Android) so this information is available even when you aren’t connected to the Internet.
  • Include maps showing where the various venues and other sites you plan to visit are located.
  • Install Evernote Hello on your phone and use it to quickly capture contact information from the people you meet at the conference makes it easy to remember them later.
  • Don’t have time (or free hands) to type? Add audio notes instead.
  • You can email notes to Evernote, forward tweets to Evernote and even text notes to Evernote. Each of these requires some setup and you should experiment on their usage before crunch time, but they are great way to capture moments throughout the event.

There’s no way you can attend every possible presentation or workshop, but by taking advantage of Evernote’s shared notebook feature you can  pool your notes with others. Savvy speakers and exhibitors can also take advantage of shared notebooks to provide attendees with additional notes and resources. These notebooks can even help provide a richer experience for virtual attendees. Groups like local genealogical societies or Genea-Bloggers (hint, hint) can build a shared notebook as a scrapbook of the conference for both the members who attended and those who could not.

If you’re planning to attend any of the upcoming genealogy conferences, now’s the time to get comfortable with these features so they will be second nature by the time you get there. It only takes one trip to convince you that Evernote is an amazing travel companion.

4 thoughts on “Evernote for Conferences

  1. I just wanted to let you know I used this post to prep for RootsTech 2013. I synched up my husband’s iPhone and iPad to my devices and laptop so that we were on the same page with all the conference maps, syllabuses, notes, business cards, even the photos we took. It was his first Evernote “experience” and now he’s a big fan. When we got home everything was on the desktop, ready for me to write up blog posts.


  2. Denise, I’m a bit behind with blog reading and have just read your last dozen or so posts. Thank you so much for all the info you share.

    I’m really cracking on with my use of Evernote and intend going Premium before we take off on our next trip.

    You are also responsible for my recent purchase of Scrivener – I love it so far. I had two books partially written in a word processor and was in a mess. Scrivener has allowed me to organise all my thoughts into a sensible structure. Thanks.


    1. Jill, I’m so glad you’re enjoying Scrivener. Even with the learning curve, it’s been such a time-saver for me. I’ve enjoyed the big Scrivener community at Google+. Lots of good info there. As to Evernote . . . it just keeps getting better. ;>


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