Day One – Have Your Journal and Publish It Too

I hope you’re as interested in capturing your current family history as you are in tracking down your ancestors. If so, Day One is an amazing app for doing just that. And, every time I think Day One can’t get any better . . . it does.

This suite of Mac/iOS apps offers an easy way to capture your current family history. With the iOS app [$4.99], you’re ready to capture any moment – large or small. Not only can you include photos, Day One will automatically capture your location and even the weather conditions at the time of your entry. For those entries that need more explanation, the Mac app [$9.99] makes a great command center. You can sync your journal entries between devices using either iCloud or Dropbox.

Capturing your world is just one element in Day One’s growing list of features. If you wish to share a moment, individual entries can be emailed, texted and forwarded to Facebook or Twitter. You can use tags to organize each entry and later put those tags to use to select all the entries associated with a person or event. Now, export those items and you’ve got a beautiful PDF document. Create tags for family members, trips or special events and you can quickly create a travel journal or baby book based on the entries you’ve included in Day One.

And now for that even better part. Day One recently introduced Day One Publish – a personal blogging service. You can use Publish to post the entries you wish to share to your personal blog at Day One. You can also connect your Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare accounts to this blog so you can use them to invite others to view the post. Here’s where things get interesting. Whether you use the social networks or send a link by email, you’re only giving people access to that particular post.

A Day One journal entry displayed in the Day One blog.

Clicking on the owner’s name (Moultrie Creek in blue at top left) will present the owner’s profile information as a panel on the left.


Only the owner can see his/her complete list of postings – by logging into the account.

Notice the very tiny gray note at the bottom of this screen. It says 1 VIEW. Day One Publish even tracks stats! And, if I had also announced this post at Facebook, Twitter and/or Foursquare, it would collect those stats for me and display them here too. Stats include views, likes and shares.

Right now Day One Publish is only available on the iThings. Setting up your free Publish account is simple. Just go to the Settings screen in the app and tap Day One Account. Now, when you create a journal entry, you’ll also see the Publish icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap it, choose your publishing options, then tap Publish.

To learn more, watch this video from Day One.


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