Scrapshot: Once upon a time

Once upon a time

This is the opening page from my on-going Behind the Alligator Farm project – a collection of family stories from my childhood. The page was created using iWork’s Keynote app [Mac & iOS]. The photo frame is one of the standard frames available in Keynote. The script title and the stylized leaves are from paislee press. Liz’s minimalist designs add style to the page while allowing the story to remain the focus.

The project format is best described as a text-heavy scrapbook and is a compilation of individual stories rather than a single narrative. I’ve published it via Scribd by first converting the presentation file to PDF then uploading it to my Scribd profile. It’s a “living history” so when I add new stories to the project, I just upload the updated file as a revision. The book can be read online or downloaded as a PDF. Since most of my family now have some kind of tablet – all of which support PDF documents – this page layout fits beautifully on their screens.

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