Cool Tools: Travel Router

We’ve been on the road a lot lately – with more yet to come. Although most of the places we’ve been have provided wi-fi in the room, it’s neither fast or secure. For that reason I keep my old AirPort Express router in my bag. It’s been very useful for creating our own – secure – wi-fi networks on the road. Unfortunately, it can be a bit difficult to configure without a desktop so if the hotel has some unexpected settings or requirements, it’s useless.

I recently stumbled onto an article describing the latest and greatest mobile router devices and one jumped out – NetGear’s Trek N300. Not only is it an easy-to-use travel router, here at the Creek I’m using it to extend the range of my home’s wi-fi network out to the back porch and to boost the signal back to the Internet-connected television in the bedroom. It gets better! This little jewel will only cost you $35!

But that’s not all. I haven’t tried this yet, but I can use it to connect to public wi-fi hotspots and build my own private wi-fi network with firewall. It could come in useful in hotels with wi-fi in the room to provide a level of security, but I’d still be careful about what personal information I share across these hot spots.

There’s a free app for iOS and Android devices to help configure and manage the router while on the road. The price caught my eye, but this sealed the deal. So far it’s lived up to all its great reviews.

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