A Revolutionary Solution for Meeting Management

Meetings often seem to last forever without accomplishing much. Yes, there’s always that one person who has to comment on every topic, but a good portion of the time is spent doing things that could – and should – be done well before the meeting begins. This is where Evernote comes in. Things like agenda preparation and reviewing reports can be done online before the meeting, leaving only the official approval to be done during the meeting.

Evernote recently announced a collaboration with LiveMinutes. This is a divinely simple platform for collaborative document editing and review. The user’s workspace is organized into projects and each project consists of documents and a messaging panel. Users are invited to participate in a project which gives them editing access to all the documents in the project as well as the messaging panel on the right. The video below gives you an overview of how this all works.

Consider this . . . post a draft meeting agenda in LiveMinutes and have board members comment on proposed additions or deletions. During the meeting, the secretary can mark up the agenda with notes that will become the basis for the minutes of that meeting. Those minutes can be posted in LiveMinutes with a deadline set for comments or corrections. The final copy of the minutes are online and can be reviewed by all before the meeting.

In addition, both the board and individual committees can use LiveMinutes’s conference call feature to have online meetings – or allow someone who can’t attend physically to attend via the  Web. When used for a conference call, the cursor becomes a laser pointer seen by all participants.

But wait! It gets better! This video shows you how to connect LiveMinutes to your Evernote account and the advantages of doing that.

LiveMinutes is free and supports up to 5 projects per user. A premium service will soon be available with unlimited projects for $5/month. As you see in the videos, there will soon be mobile apps available too.


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