It’s not just family

I’m a big fan of Susan Branch and Girlfriends Forever is one of my favorite books. The VW convertible caught my attention, but the book’s purpose grabbed my heart. The book is a celebration of friends.

We spend most of our time focused on the family, but friends are just as special. And, think how much fun creating your own book can be. The hangouts, hot dates, hair-dos and heartaches combine with fads, photos, food and a bit of current events to document your friends at every stage of your life. What fun you can have with this project!

Susan’s book is full of ideas for design and content and today’s technology offers additional opportunities. For example, a photo collage in print is almost impossible to caption but a digital project allows you to tag photos with names, dates and places while maintaining the collage design. And, using Facebook as a research tool, try posting an old photo tagged with friends’ names. It could help you reconnect with them – and find that name you forgot.

Just writing this post has brought all kinds of memories flooding back from birthdays in the backyard to favorite records played at slumber parties. No source citations are needed here – just names and dates and places. The result will be a fun project for you to enjoy and a fascinating treasure to pass on to future generations.

Does anyone else remember Bobbie Brook’s shirtwaists?

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