Disqus – Where Comments Get Social

Disqus is a commenting platform that works with just about every blog platform. But to call Disqus a commenting system doesn’t come close to explaining what Disqus can do. Here’s a sample:

  • Comment on any Disqus-supported site using one login – your Disqus account.
  • Easily include links, photos and even video in your comment.
  • Begin conversations by replying to other commenters.
  • Follow other commenters to keep up with their comments wherever they post them.
  • @Mention another Disqus commenter to attract her attention. That person is notified of the mention and can check out the conversation.
  • Use your Disqus profile page as a mini social network where you can track comments and replies across all the Disqus-supported sites you follow. You can add your own replies from here too.
  • If you ♥ (recommend) a discussion, every Disqus user who follows you will see that discussion in their profile.

It costs nothing to use and can be installed on your blog in a matter of minutes. When I added it to the Gazette, it even imported all of the WordPress comments – almost 7 years worth – with ease. You maintain control over your comments with some very nice moderator tools both on site and in your Disqus profile.

Recently there’s been some discussion on whether or not blogging was declining and, if so, were social networks to blame. Blogs are an important resource for documenting and sharing our family history and a major asset to the entire genealogy community. Incorporating Disqus as our commenting platform not only makes it easier to comment on posts, its social functions make it even easier to connect with other geneabloggers. Even better, our blogs remain the center of this network getting the attention they deserve.

So . . . what do you think? Add your thoughts below and see for yourself what an impressive platform Disqus is.

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