Firefox Hello

Now this is a new twist . . .

The latest update to Firefox includes the ability to connect to anyone and enjoy a free video call. There are no accounts to create or systems to sign into. All you need is Firefox. What about the people you call? It would be best if they also used Firefox, but not necessary. They can use the Chrome or Opera browsers and receive your call. It’s just that Firefox is needed to start a call.

Of course, it’s also helpful if they have a webcam, speakers and a microphone . . .

If you haven’t updated your Firefox browser lately, do it now. Once the update is complete, you’ll see the Firefox Hello announcement on the splash screen and the Hello button in the toolbar. To start a conversation, click the Hello button.

Firefox Hello screenshot

Now click the Get Started button.

Firefox Hello screenshot

Click the Start a conversation button.

Firefox Hello conversation panel

Now a panel opens in the bottom right corner of the browser window and your camera and mic are activated. You can give this conversation a name if you wish. Instead of “calling” you “invite” the other participant to join your conversation. This is done by emailing the link to them or copying the link and pasting it into a text message. Use the appropriate button at the bottom of the panel to do this.

When the person you’re calling receives her invitation and clicks on the link, a conversation page is opened. She then clicks on the Join the Conversation button and answers the prompts to share the mic and webcam. It’s that easy!

You can learn more about Firefox Hello at the Firefox Help center.

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