Conversational Blogging

I’ve been using the Disqus commenting service on most of my blogs – WordPress and Tumblr – for several months now. I love it! Not only does it give me a much richer commenting experience – conversational threads are easier to follow and it’s easy to add links, photos and even embed video in a comment – but it also provides a central location where I keep up with the conversations at all my blogs.

Just yesterday I stumbled onto an article describing how to build a Blurb baby book from Day One journal entries. The article was great but the discussion in the comments was awesome. The article was published almost a year ago and the conversation is still going on. The commenters not only asked questions but also offered their own solutions as well as links to useful resources. Since it’s a topic I want to know more about, I added a comment so I can now follow it right in my Disqus profile. In addition, I’m also following all comments from the father who wrote the article because he’s just as fascinated with Day One as I am and I can learn from him.

Later in the day TNW did an interview with Disqus co-founder, Daniel Ha, using Disqus. Brilliant! I was delighted to learn there will soon be an iOS app. They are also experimenting with different ideas for building conversations across the web.

Disqus Profile

Here’s a look at my profile at Disqus showing my comments in the baby book conversation. To view the entire conversation, I just click the View in discussion link. I can also edit my comments. If I click on another user’s name (like Trevor in the example above), I’m taken to that person’s profile.

I see Disqus as opportunity. For bloggers, it’s a way to put the focus back on the blog. Since it works on just about every blog platform – is the only exception I know of – there’s only one login to remember. Keeping up with conversations on different blogs is easily done via your Disqus profile. And I’ve yet to see the first spam comment on any of my blogs. That’s got to be a record!

How can you put Disqus to work on your blog? Here are some ideas:

  • Interviews
  • Open Q&A sessions
  • Blog book tours
  • Chats during live events
  • Special interest groups

Want to see for yourself? Follow the link to this article and join the conversation. It will only take a few seconds to set up your Disqus account. The topic of this discussion is Conversational Blogging: Can comments become conversations?

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