1Password for Mac Supports One-Time Passwords

If you haven’t heard of two factor authentication – also called one-time passwords – you are missing out on one of the best ways to protect yourself online. Two factor authentication makes logging into a site or platform a two-step process. First there’s your standard user name and password, but then the second step is a one-time code that is generated just for this login and usually sent to you as a text message on your mobile phone.

With two factor authentication, even if someone is able to learn your user name and password, they won’t be able to access your account on that site unless they also have access to your mobile phone. A growing number of online platforms – especially financial and cloud storage services – offer two factor authentication to add an extra level of security to your personal information.

1Password for Mac [$49.99] makes it easier to use two factor authentication. Now you can set up the Mac app to provide the one time passwords to the login process. Once 1Password is set up for your account at a site, 1Password will not only insert your saved username and password into the login field, it will automatically generate and insert the one time password for you too. You won’t have to wait for that text message to arrive. Sweet!

Here’s a look at how 1Password puts one time passwords to work on the Mac. Hope it’s not too long before it’s also available on the iOS, Android and Windows versions too.

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