Managing Fonts on Your iPad

Your iPad comes with a standard set of fonts which are very nice but . . .

If you want to have additional fonts available for use in presentations or other storytelling projects, you can do this with the AnyFonts app [iOS – $1.99] and an easily accessible cloud storage service (I use Dropbox). AnyFonts makes it easy to install fonts you already have on your  iPad. It also offers an in-app purchase (99¢) to add a bundled collection of fonts to your device. These fonts will work in any app that allows you to change fonts (including the Microsoft Office apps for iPad). This instructional video shows how easy it is to add fonts with AnyFont.

If you are a font fanatic like me, you’ll need to watch yourself. Fonts take up space on your iPad and can easily get out of control. Since I use my iPad for presentations, I’ve developed a basic set of fonts that I use in my slides and have them installed on the iPad. I also keep a collection of “creative” fonts in a Dropbox folder so I can install them when I need them and remove them when the project is finished.


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