The Social Journal

We just spent several delightful days on Sanibel Island near Ft. Myers, Florida. It’s a beautiful place with great fishing, shelling, shopping and delicious restaurants. I took loads of photos and shared them with family and friends – thanks to Day One’s publishing feature. I don’t like to announce to the world that we are traveling (and our house is unoccupied) so I don’t post travel photos on public social networks until after we get home. That’s where Day One comes in.

Day One [Mac– $9.99, iOS – $4.99] is is a delightful journaling app. With Day One on my iPhone, I can easily capture a moment by taking a picture and Day One will add date, time, place and even weather conditions automatically. When I take a photo I like, I’ll create a Day One note that includes the photo and a caption describing the place or what we were doing. When the note is finished, I tap the Publish icon, make a few choices and then publish the note to Day One’s blog site.

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I’ll then tap on the link to the blog post included at the bottom of the journal entry to view the post online. From there I tap the Share icon to forward the link to family and friends via email or text message. At any time (usually after returning home) I can return to the publish settings screen and publish to Tumblr, Twitter or Foursquare. The journal entry displays the networks I’ve shared to and visitor stats for each. How cool is that!

Right now there’s a problem sharing with Facebook. Facebook has changed their API and Day One is working to update their apps to resolve those issues. The Publish feature currently only works on iOS devices. A future update will include Mac.

While Day One does a wonderful job of protecting your private thoughts, its Publish feature offers some impressive ways to share selected content when and where you choose.

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