Does your blog need some bling?

Southern Afternoon Theme

Is this gorgeous or what! It’s a premium – as in $50 premium – theme for the Tumblr mini-blog platform. Although Tumblr is a “mini” blog, it has a number of features that make it a good geneablog contender. Your choice of themes will determine how much functionality your Tumblr site will have. The theme market for WordPress and Tumblr has improved significantly in the last couple of years. These days you want to look for “responsive” themes. These themes will automatically adjust the way your blog looks on tablets and phones.


  • Theme Grrl has some gorgeous themes. Check out Karma.
  • BluChic themes are gorgeous and take advantage of the latest WP features.
  • Angie Makes offers both themes and gorgeous graphics.
  • templatelite has an interesting collection of assorted designs.
  • Creative Market is a wonderful source for themes, graphics and fonts.


  • Shabby Blogs – all kinds of blog bling from backgrounds and headers to a delightful collection of buttons.
  • Blogger Themes – has a number of creative themes.
  • Theme Grrl – has several Blogger themes.


  • Theme Grrl has some very nice themes for Tumblr.
  • Creative Market offer affordable themes with impressive features. Many of them are under $20 and there are a number of responsive themes too.
  • Pixel Union has some delicious vintage themes.


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