Dropbox Comments

The new comments feature in Dropbox is a delight to use. Right now it’s only accessible from Dropbox on the web and on iOS devices, but you’ll quickly discover how useful it can be when you are collaborating with others.

Comments are “attached” to the file that is the topic of the discussion – in this case a photograph. To create a comment, navigate to the file you want to discuss and click the Share button to the right of the file name. For iOS devices, tap the little comment icon at the bottom right side of the file’s display panel. That will open up a message pane (online) or panel (iOS) where you can create your comment.

Dropbox comment panel (online)

Enter your comments and they will be sent to everyone sharing this folder. You can send it to a specific individual by entering a name preceded by an @ symbol (example: @John Doe) within your comment. You can even send it to someone who isn’t sharing the folder by entering his/her email address preceded by the @ symbol.

Everyone will receive an email notification that includes the actual comment and a link to view it. When they follow the link, they will see something like this.


In addition to the original comment, you’ll see there is a box to add your own comment. Notifications are sent for each comment submitted and the entire conversation is visible here in this panel.

When you mouse-over an existing comment, you’ll see a checkmark in a circle appear to the right of the commenter’s name and a Delete link at the bottom of the comment. The checkmark is the Resolve “button”. Click on it and all will know that the request has been resolved. The Delete link will remove the comment from this file. You can also “like” the comment by clicking the star icon.

These simple tools make a very effective collaboration platform. They can be used to ask questions, perform reviews and share ideas. You can learn more about these features at the Comments FAQ page.

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