The Day One Scrapbook

The Day One blog recently posted a great article on using the Mac’s share menu feature to easily capture stuff to include in your journal. (See OS X’s Share Extension and Day One Mac for details.) I use it and the iOS share menu to capture personal “news” and quotes from articles I find interesting. Just the other day, our local newspaper had a front page article celebrating my elementary school’s 60th anniversary – which included a photograph of my sixth grade class. I was able to capture that article and the photo from the online version of the article. I was also able to capture some of the resulting Facebook “homecoming” conversations after someone posted a copy of the photo and started tagging people. Things like this add both background and color to my personal entries.


My Day One journal is as much a personal scrapbook as it is a journal. The iPhone app makes it easy to photograph an invitation, concert ticket or visitor’s guide, then quickly add a note on its significance. Tags make it easy to follow the events surrounding a wedding or pregnancy – from announcement through showers on to the big day.

Do these things replace actually writing journal entries? No! In many cases, they inspire even more stories.

Take a look at the Share menus on your Mac and iOS devices. If Day One isn’t one of the options, add it now! It’s amazing how many ways you’ll find to put it to use.



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