FD Footnotes Plugin for WordPress

Would you like to include footnotes in your WordPress blog? You can if you have the FD Footnotes[1. Olson, D. FD Footnotes Plugin for WordPress. Retrieved 8 June 2015 from https://moultriecreek.us/gazette.%5D plugin installed.


To create a footnote, position your locator at the point of the reference. Enter an open brace, type a number with a period and space, enter your citation and end it with a closing brace. The footnote is linked at the point of the reference. When a reader clicks that link he will be taken to that footnote citation at the bottom of the post. A return link is placed at the end of each footnote which will return the reader to the original reference point within the article.

Footnotes can contain formatted text, hyperlinks and even images. The numbers used in the footnote don’t have to be consecutive either. The plugin will automatically renumber each footnote when the post is displayed.

The plugin’s settings allow you to restrict display to only single post/page views and to collapse the footnote until the reference link is clicked.

For more information, visit the plugin site.

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