Disqus for Books?

This morning I pulled out my copy of Photos for Mac: A Take Control Crash Course to get ready to move my photo library to iCloud. When you buy a Take Control Of book, not only do you get free updates when new features are added, you also get access to a resource site for that book. There you’ll find additional tips, cheat sheets and other useful stuff. At the end of each chapter, my book includes a link to the corresponding resource page. I also noticed a link to the Disqus comments section for that page. They are using Disqus to give readers a connection to the author (and other TCO staff) so they can ask questions and share ideas.

How cool is that!

The first thing I did was open up the Disqus app on my iPad and follow the book’s author. That way I can keep up with all his coversations in one place. This is a great Disqus feature and one I have found very useful. Next I browsed the conversations for this chapter and discovered a number of great tips. People were even sharing Apple scripts they had built to help make their migration easier.

Kudos to the author and TCO staff for putting Disqus to use in such a creative way.

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