Workflow: Online Records to Evernote

One of the many things I like about today’s online archives is that they often provide both a transcribed copy of a record and an image of it. I’ve developed a simple Evernote workflow that puts both within easy reach. I use Evernote’s Web Clipper to capture the transcribed screen. That way I have a nice searchable view of the record’s contents as well as a source citation. Next, I’ll download a copy of the original record if it’s available. Once it’s downloaded I’ll drag the file onto the Evernote app on my desktop to add it to my Family Research notebook. Then I’ll select the transcribed note and the image note and use Evernote’s Merge function to create a single note. Add tags and I’m done.

Census transcription and downloaded image merged into one Evernote note.

By the way . . . Evernote can “see” all the clipped information for searching purposes and the links (shown in blue) are all functional. And, I can easily copy/paste the source citation into my MacFamilyTree database.

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