Building Books In Day One

I am having great fun turning photographs into artwork using my iPad. Using one or more apps, I will manipulate a photo until it looks the way I want. Problem is, if I don’t write it down I’ll forget what I did to get this effect. So I use Day One to document the apps/processes used in each photo art project along with a copy of the resulting image. Each project entry is tagged with “photoart” along with other defining tags.

Recently I decided I wanted to build a portfolio of those photos/entries so I started experimenting with Day One’s export feature. Here are the steps I took to build a PDF portfolio of my photo art projects on my iPad.

I started by tapping the Settings item in the sidebar and choosing Export. The Export panel offers options to select entries by date range and/or by tags. I’m using tags so I turned on the Only Tagged Items setting then tapped the Tags item just below it to display my list of tags.

I only selected the one photoart tag, but I could have selected multiple tags if needed. Once I was ready, I tapped Done.

Day One returned me to the Export panel. The Create New PDF item shows there are 23 entries selected for export. I tapped Create New PDF and once the export was completed the export file appeared just below. Tap the file name to open it.

The viewing screen you see here appeared next. I can preview the exported file from here or open it in a different app. I chose to tap the Export icon and open it in the Documents app.

As you can see, I have a number of PDF apps on my iPad so I have several export options available.

My exported document was formatted with one journal entry per page. It appears that entries with photos will always begin a new page so my export automatically became a very nice portfolio-style publication. The exported pages were also automatically numbered. I did need to create a cover and title page for my portfolio. I opened the PDF file in PDF Office and added/edited the pages I needed using that app. It worked but my options were limited and the results were disappointing. I wound up creating the pages I wanted using Pages on my Mac, exporting them to PDF and then merging the two files. You can see the results below.

Exporting entries is just as easy on the Mac version of Day One and you can then use Preview to quickly merge the cover/title pages with the exported file.

The Export option offers a lot of publishing potential. In addition to portfolios, it can be used to create travel journals and baby books, document special events or create timelines for ongoing issues (like insurance claims). Your only limited by your imagination.

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