Wunderlist – Attaching Files to a List Item

If you think Wunderlist [Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Web] is just another to-do list, think again. It can be just about anything you want it to be – from a simple grocery list to the activity center for a major project. I use it to capture and organize topic ideas, keep up with my presentations – proposals, topics, schedules, contacts and files – and yes, even my shopping lists.

One of the things that makes this platform so wonderful is the ability to attach files to a list item. This feature is available to all users. We can all attach an unlimited number of files but free users have a 5MB size limit for each file. Pro and Business users have no size limits. I use this feature to keep copies of proposals and even the Keynote presentations. One quick look at the list tells me what still needs work and when its due.


Attaching a file is easy. I can drag and drop the file anywhere in the detail area of a list item or click/tap the paperclip icon in the comment box. Here you see a PDF file attached to an item in my reading list. I can attach word-processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs and even photo, video and audio files to a list item.

Click or tap the paperclip icon by the comment box then select the file you want to attach.

In this example, I’m working from my iPad so I don’t have a file system to browse/find a file to attach. Instead, Wunderlist offers me the option to attach a link to a file in Dropbox. For free users, this is a fabulous option. Since I am attaching a link, not a file, there is no 5MB size limit. File links can only be attached in Wunderlist for the iPad, iPhone, Android or Web.

Wunderlist is an amazing platform and a joy to use. The file attachments feature is just one of many time-saving tools to stay organized and focused.

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