The Mobile Family Tree

I’ve been using MacFamilyTree [Mac – $49.99] and its companion MobileFamilyTree [iOS – $14.99] for just over two years now. I first tried the MacFamilyTree demo and loved having all the information about an individual in one panel. Other apps had me opening and closing all kinds of boxes and panels to view and enter information. I found that both time-consuming and irritating. I have to admit that price was also a consideration. MacFamilyTree is significantly cheaper than most other Mac genealogy apps.

Then I purchased the companion MobileFamilyTree and things got real interesting. Both apps take advantage of iCloud for data storage so there’s no more tedious manual syncs.

The MobileFamilyTree app on my iPad with an external keyboard gives me a fully-functional mobile solution. I love it!

editing screen
Editing a person’s information in MobileFamilyTree on an iPad.

My primary database has over 900 people listed with only about a quarter of them containing any significant data. Looking at the file in iCloud Drive, the database size is 11.5MB. On my iPad, MobileFamilyTree (program and data) uses 70.5MB. Compare that with the Keynote app which uses 599MB (program and presentations). I’m currently experimenting to see what impact adding photos will have to my database’s size. In addition to attaching photos to individual and family records, I can attach images to all kinds of other records – including sources. That would be nice unless it turned what is currently a very responsive app into a slow-moving slug eating up all the storage on my iPad. Right now I’ve already got most of those source images in Evernote and think that’s where they’ll stay.

I’ve found the Mac/MobileFamilyTree apps easy to use – whenever and wherever I want to use them. If you are considering moving from a desktop computer to a mobile device, Mobile FamilyTree will be there to support you.

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