Posting Flickr Photos to WordPress

Summer Evening at Bings Landing

Do you know how easy it is to post a Flickr photo on your WordPress blog? All you need to do is tap the Share icon on the photo’s page in Flickr and copy the photo link then paste it on a line by itself in your post. Choose the image post format if your theme supports it and WordPress will take care of the rest. The photo is inserted without styling or caption as you can see in the example above.

Summer Evening at Bings Landing
Summer evening at Bing’s Landing


For more control, copy the HTML code from Flickr’s sharing panel and paste that into your post. Now you can click on the image to access the photo-editing tools available in WordPress to assign alignment, add captions and such. You can see the difference in this example.

Note that since this image is from an external source and not uploaded to your WordPress site, your blog’s email subscribers will not see the image in the email message they receive. They will need to follow the link to your site to view it.

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