VideoPress Goes Mobile

VideoPress offers WordPress users access to a very nice video player so you can host your own videos. You can post your video without the advertising and distractions found on other video-hosting services. users with Premium or Business upgrades have VideoPress included in the package. Self-hosted WordPress users can set up a subscription through the Jetpack plugin.

Adding video to a post works just like adding other images – just upload the file and set the size and placement parameters. Things get even more interesting when working from a mobile device. You can take your video and post it to your blog right from the WordPress app. Here’s how it works on my iPhone . . .

Create a new post in the WordPress app and tap the image icon on the toolbar to add an image to the post. The photos screen appears.

Notice the last image on the screen with the little camera icon on it? Tap it and it will open the iPhone’s Camera app. Select the Video option and start taking your video. As soon as you hit the stop button, the Camera app offers the Retake and Use Video options. Choose Use Video.

Now you’ll notice your video with a blue box around it like the one shown above. At the top of the screen is the Done command. Tap Done and your video is added to your post.
Now you can add text if you wish then follow the normal procedures to publish your post. It’s that easy.

VideoPress also supports sharing. It provides both a shortcode and embed code to your visitors if you have video-sharing turned on for your blog. To learn more, visit the VideoPress support site.


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