Digi-Know . . . Hey Siri Takes Hands-Free to a New Level

When your iPhone/iPad is connected to power, you can use Siri hands-free by just saying, “hey Siri.” First, you’ll need to turn Hey Siri on in Settings > General > Siri.

So, once you’ve got Siri’s attention, what can you do from there? Here’s just a few things Siri can do for you:

  • Search the Web . . . “Search for Samuel Albert Link.”
  • Send an email or text message . . . “Send John Wayne an email” then follow Siri’s prompts.
  • Create a reminder . . . “Remind me to call Fred tomorrow at 11:00 am.”
  • Get the name of the song playing on the radio  . . . “What song is this?”
  • Open apps.
  • Get directions.
  • Send Tweets and post to Facebook.
  • Get sports scores . . . “What is the score for the Braves game?”
  • Change system settings . . . “Turn on Bluetooth.”

And much more! Get in the habit of plugging your phone in when you’re in your car and you don’t need that expensive entertainment system to have turn-by-turn directions, voice calling and help when you need it.

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