Kindle to Evernote

The Kindle reader app on my iPad Mini is a great way to read magazines and reference or how-to books. The color alone makes it a much nicer reading experience and the larger screen size is easier to read. I’ve also found it’s quite easy to save interesting passages to an Evernote notebook. Here’s how.

Highlight the passage you want. When the annotation toolbar appears, tap the copy icon (next to the orange highlighter). A “copied” note appears briefly. Now double-tap your Home button and go to your Evernote app. Create a new note and paste the passage into it. Add tags, additional notes, whatever, then double-tap Home again and return to the Kindle app to continue reading.

That’s it!

If you use this to capture family reference material, you will want to manually enter source information so you know where this information came from.

Another option is to take a screenshot of a particular page and send the picture to your Evernote. I’ve found this useful for capturing crafting or gardening ideas in magazines – those pictures and articles I used to cut out and stash in a file folder.


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