WordPress Text Shortcuts

WordPress 4.3 was released yesterday and one of the new features is text shortcuts in the post/page editor screens. Basically, the editor now supports some basic Markdown codes. What does this mean for you? It means that you can assign simple formatting codes for blockquotes, headings and bullets without taking your hands off the keyboard. For example, type two hashtags (##) at the beginning of a line containing a heading and WordPress will automatically display it as a level 2 heading on the live site. You can have from one to six hashtags in front of the text and WordPress will format them as level 1 to level 6 headings. Start a line with an asterisk followed by a space and the text that follows will be displayed as a bullet point. Blockquotes are easy too. Just type a > at the beginning of the paragraph and WordPress takes care of the rest.

These few shortcuts show how easy Markdown can be. Once you get comfortable with these shortcut codes, turn on Markdown for your blog and take advantage of all the shortcuts Markdown offers. You’ll find the Markdown “switch” in Settings > Writing for WordPress.com users and in Jetpack Settings for self-hosted WordPress users.

If you use the mobile WordPress app [iOS or Android], having Markdown turned on makes it a lot easier to format text beyond the basic tools offered in the app’s toolbar.

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