Today’s Tech – Aug 27


Scanner Pro [iOS – $2.99] now includes a manual scanning mode to make edge adjustments after scanning. You can also upload your scanned documents as JPEG files or as multi-page PDFs.

Pocket just announced a new feature called Recommendations.  Tap the Reocmmendations tab and you’ll find a personalized selection of recommended content based on the things you read, watch and save in Pocket.

More mobile scanner news from Scanbot [free – iOS and Android]. Version 4 includes Workflows making it easy to save, share or send your scanned docs to any number of places and platforms. Upload to the cloud storage of your choice, post to Evernote or OneNote or share it via email. Another new feature is Quick-Actions. It can identify content in the scanned document – like a phone number or URL – and offer you the option to call that number or visit that site. Scanbot Pro is required to take advantage of Quick-Actions as well as Scanbot’s OCR capabilities. It is available as a $4.99 in-app purchase.


Feedly Pro users have some new capabilities too – starting with Power Search. If you are looking for specific stories, Power Search will search within your subscriptions and beyond. It works on both the desktop and mobile apps.

They also announced a new collections feature where you can create a collection of selected articles then share it with others. I can see some interesting uses for this, but unfortunately there are no instructions yet on how to use it. Another interesting feature lacking instructions is the ability to schedule the items you are sharing to social networks.

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