Cool Tools – Doxie Portable Scanners

Doxie has an impressive collection of portable scanners at affordable prices. Any one of them can make a family archivist’s digitizing dreams come true.

Doxie Go Wi-Fi Scanner
Doxie Go Wi-Fi Scanner

First, there’s the Doxie Go Wi-Fi [$224] – a battery-operated document scanner with builtin wi-fi and apps for Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad. The scanner’s internal memory can save 1,800 scanned pages and 7,200 photos before syncing and an SD card can be inserted for even more memory. It scans full-color pages at 600dpi in approximately 6 seconds.

The desktop apps make it easy to organize, save and share your scanned documents. This includes ABBYY OCR technology to create searchable, multi-page PDF documents. The iOS app does not include OCR features at this time.

You can also purchase a case [$27] to protect your scanner as you travel.

Doxie Flip scanner
Doxie Flip scanner

Doxie also offers the Flip [$130], a portable flat-bed scanner that looks like a Flip-Pal clone. The software supporting the Flip also supports saving, organizing and sharing your scans, but instead of OCR features the Flip software has “stitching” features – just like Flip-Pal. A carrying case [$19] is also available.

I find I’m using scanner apps on my iPhone more often, especially for household scanning – receipts, statements, etc. I’m still looking for a sturdy – and affordable – copy stand that sets up and tears down easily. The scanner apps are quite sophisticated, but still a little iffy in my shaky hands.

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