iOS 9 – First Look

It’s a drippy, gray day here at the Creek . . . the perfect day to get acquainted with iOS 9. Already I’m in love with the split screen view although I don’t yet understand why only a few of the apps appear as display options. Fortunately, those few include 1Password and Documents. Where’s Evernote? Do we have to wait for those apps to update before they’ll show up?

Another interesting goodie is the iCloud Drive app – and the recent reduction in pricing for iCloud storage. One very cool thing is that you can now attach files from iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Box and Documents into emails you create in the Mail app on iOS devices. Just tap the paperclip icon you’ll find on the toolbar at the top of the on-screen keyboard. Speaking of Documents . . . you can create folders in iCloud Drive and copy/move files to and from those folders. Very nice!

I took a quick look at the updates to Apple’s Notes app. It won’t work on the Mac until the new OS is released later this month and what I’ve seen so far is nice but still very basic. It’s no competition for Evernote, OneNote and other existing notes management apps.

Flipboard doesn’t have to worry about Apple News either. Apple News only gives you access to news sources that have signed up and been approved by Apple. The display doesn’t make the best of the original content the way Flipboard does.

More later . . .

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