Today’s Tech – Oct 10th

Tumblr bloggers using the iOS app recently received an update that makes some changes to how photos are included in posts. Tap the All Photos option at the top of the selector panel to narrow your selection to a specific album. Nice. The update notice also hinted this update would be leading to even bigger changes in upcoming releases. Oh, and Tumblr has also added a large number of new themes! Most of them will cost you – ranging in price from $9 to $49.

tumblr photo selector
The tumblr photo selector in the iPad app.

Kerry Scott has written a book on Evernote focused specifically on its use in genealogical research. I was lucky to get an advance copy and it is quite impressive. If you use Evernote to manage your research, you’ll love this book. I’ll be posting a full review shortly. Right now How to Use Evernote for Genealogy is available for pre-order at and Amazon (paperback – $18.99).


Looking for affordable graphics to kick up your family history projects? Check out Etsy! Etsy’s shops are full of artwork and very reasonable terms of use. You’ll find original art – like the autumn leaves above – as well as graphics and beautiful reproductions of vintage art. The holiday graphics are beginning to show up and they are absolutely gorgeous.

Did you know you can upload videos to Flickr along with your photos? Not only that, but you can now download videos (if the owner permits it) too! Flickr supports video clips up to 1GB in size.




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