What do Flickr, tumblr and cemeteries have in common?

Flickr as my off-site photo backup archive. Flickr has been part of the Yahoo family for some time and while tumblr is a more recent acquisition, it’s been part of Yahoo long enough for developers to make some very nice connections between these two apps. So, since all my cemetery photographs are online at Flickr, I thought I would check out tumblr as a potential blog platform to display them. I knew that Flickr made it easy to share pics with tumbler, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover more than I expected.

The tumblr screen that appears when you share a photo from Flickr.

All of the text you see in this example came from Flickr. The first paragraph is automatically generated by Flickr to insure the photo’s owner (and Flickr) get credit as the source of this photograph. The title only appears if this photograph has been given a title by the owner. The description and tags are also dependent on the owner. Of course you can edit this screen to change any of the information before you post it, but the beauty of this is that I don’t have to.

It gets better . . . I have the Flickr Uploader installed on my Mac. It is set up to automatically upload any new photos that land in selected folders. The metadata gets uploaded too – including titles, descriptions and tags I add in Photos.

One issue I’ve discovered is that my tumblrs are set up to use Markdown in the editor. Either I have I change my settings from Markdown to HTML or remove the code before publishing each post. Since Markdown makes most of my postings on tumblr easier, I’ll take the time to edit these exceptions.

Stop by Moultrie Creek and you’ll find a new cemetery photo in the sidebar each day. You can also the Cemetery Tales blog at tumblr.

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