Today’s Tech – Oct. 16th

Mac users will find big updates for the iWork apps (Pages, Keynote & Numbers) on both Mac and iOS. This includes support for the new Mac/iOS split screen and force touch features. One very nice update supports extended features in OpenType fonts like small caps, contextual fractions, alternative glyphs and others. If you have older documents from iWork ’06 and ’08, it’s now easier to open them. You can also preview documents in iOS and Android browsers.

Security Alert! Adobe has announced there is a new vulnerability in Flash that affects every version of Flash on every Mac, Windows and Linux system. It will allow an attacker to take control of your computer and crash it. Even worse, there is no fix and no estimate when one will be released. If you still have Flash on your computer, remove it now!

Yahoo’s doing away with passwords on the latest version of their Mail apps (iOS and Android). First, you’ll assign a mobile phone number to your account. Then, when you want to open the app, Yahoo will send an “account key” to you via phone which you then click to access your mail. Not only that, but your Mail app will also support third-party mail accounts from Outlook, Hotmail and AOL. They are “working” to include Gmail as an option too.

Print to PDF has been a standard feature on Mac systems for years, but now it’s finally arrived on Windows too. Windows 10 now includes Print to PDF in the print options panel for any text editor or word-processing app.

1Password has released an update that includes some basic but useful features like large type (Be still my ancient eyes!) for displaying passwords and making it easier to change the password to secondary vaults. They are improving security for your saved passwords by insuring the apps take advantage of the latest Apple security updates. Keep an eye out for updates to the 1Password browser extension.

And finally, since it is Friday, here’s a little something to get you ready for the weekend . . . Jeanne Robertson explains why you don’t want to bungee jump naked.


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