Video Delivered – How to Subscribe to YouTube in Feedly

Did you know that you can subscribe to your favorite channels in YouTube and have those videos delivered to you in your Feedly newsreader? You can . . . and it’s easy!

Video page on Jeanne Robertson’s YouTube channel.

Start by visiting one of your favorite YouTube channels. I’m using Jeanne Robertson’s channel in this example. Notice that I’m looking at the Video page for her channel. When you look at your browser’s address bar, you’ll notice there’s a direct link to this page. In this case it is You can use this address or the channel address to create your subscription. Select and copy this address.

Using the web version of Feedly, paste the address into the search box at the top left side of the screen, then press the Return key.


Some YouTube channels have several subscription options. That is what you see displayed here. Click the green plus sign for the Uploads option (on the left/already added) to subscribe to it. Add it to a Feedly category if you wish and you’re done. Like other subscriptions, when you first subscribe you will receive several of the most recently published items to view. After that, you will only receive a video when a new one is posted to YouTube.

Viewing the video in Feedly

To view the video, open the item just like you would any news item in Feedly, then click on the Play icon. It’s that simple!

Which video channels do you want to watch regularly? That will be your decision, but here are some suggestions:

  • The channel regularly updates users via video and often has tips and tutorials on various features in the platform.
  • You can’t watch DearMYRTLE’s Hangouts live in you newsreader, but once they finish it will be forwarded to subscribers.
  • FamilySearch also has a channel and it’s also full of tips and tutorials.
  • Are you an Evernote fan? Their channel has tutorials along with news about new features and apps.
  • Use YouTube’s search to find channels for your favorite apps. Here’s the link to the Photoshop Elements channel. The Readdle Live channel has videos on Scanner Pro, Documents and all their other apps.

You don’t have to limit yourself just to YouTube either. Vimeo has some great videos and even include RSS links on the channel page (see lower left in the example below). Pixelmator users will find these photo-editing tutorials very useful.

The Pixelmator channel on Vimeo

As you can see, your newsreader delivers more than just news – and more than just text. Test drive the video channels and see which work for you. Don’t forget, unsubscribing is even easier than subscribing so if a source doesn’t interest you, get rid of it.

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