News Sources for the Society Blog

Genealogy news is a good way to make your society’s site an information center for your membership. There’s lots of news out there. You just need to learn how to find it. The best tool for that is a newsreader. A newsreader is a pleasant and efficient way to keep up with a large number of news sources. Today, one of the most popular newsreaders is Feedly.

This guide explains how a newsreader works and how to get set up in Feedly. It also walks you through the process of subscribing to useful sources. Use the link at the bottom of the embed to download a PDF copy of the guide for reference.

Once your Feedly account is set up, your next step is to subscribe to sites with news you can use to keep your members informed. Below are some recommended sites to help you get started.

Don’t stop here. Look for local archives, educational institutions and ethnic archives. As you see in the list above, many use blogs to share news and tips that can be very useful to your membership.

Instead of constantly bombarding your members with individual news postings, you may want to publish a weekly news post. The commercial archives frequently offer special deals or free access to certain collections. These are often short notice items and should be posted quickly so members can take advantage of the opportunity.

Here’s where Feedly can be especially useful. Whenever an interesting news item pops up in your newsreader, just tap the Bookmark icon to save that story in the Saved for Later section of your Feedly account. Then, when you are ready to create your weekly update, you’ll have all of those stories waiting for you in one nice group. After you’ve added them to your post, you can quickly delete them from Feedly.

Tap/click the bookmark icon to save the article in Feedly’s Saved for Later section.

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