The WordPress Reader

The WordPress app [free – Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android] impresses me more every day. I really enjoy using the editor to post articles. It did take time to find out where the features I use are located. Now that I’m comfortable with the layout, I find the screen much less distracting when I’m writing.

I was so focused on the app’s editing elements that I hardly even looked at the reader – until now. It’s delightful! Not only that, but it’s also quite functional.

The Reader in the WordPress app for Mac
The Reader in the WordPress app for Mac

In this example, I’m looking at the most recent article from my followed sites. With the app you can follow both blogs and self-hosted blogs who have the Jetpack plugin installed. In addition to following specific WP sites, you can set tags to display sites matching those keywords. Here I have five tags listed. You can also take advantage of the Lists feature to manually organize the sites you follow into categories.

Click any part of the post to display it in its entirety. The icons at the bottom of the post can be used to visit the site, share it to your favorite social network, leave a comment, like the post and other options. The beauty of the WordPress Reader is that it knows who you are so when you comment or like a post you don’t have to log in.

comments sample
Conversational comments

Does this look familiar? It functions more like the conversations you find in Facebook. Not only that, but each user has a profile page where you can post an avatar and other information.

The Account Settings Screen
The Account Settings Screen

Update your profile in the Account Settings screen. Notice it describes which information is visible to the public and which is not. You can add an avatar here too. Notice the @moultriecreek under my avatar. Including the @username in a WordPress comment with notify that user (through the app) that he/she has been mentioned in a comment. I like that!

One other interesting thing about the WordPress apps. If you want to create a private site (a family blog, for example), you can set up each family member with a “viewer” user account, then have them install the WordPress app on their desktop or device. Enter their login details into the app’s settings and they can read/comment anytime they want without worrying about logging in. If anyone shows interest in posting, just move them up to an author or editor account and they’re ready to start writing.

Although at first look the WordPress apps look quite basic, I’m delighted to find there’s a lot more to them than first appears. The hunt continues . . .

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