Link to an Evernote from Your Genealogy App

I use Evernote and the MacFamilyTree/MobileFamilyTree combo to manage my family research. Both genealogy apps share the same data files which reside in iCloud. To keep file sizes down, I don’t attach a lot of media files (photos, scanned documents, etc.) to my records. Fortunately, both apps include URLs as a media option. This allows me to put all those lovely images, notes, clipped websites and other assorted goodies into my Research notebook on Evernote and link to those notes using that URL media option in my genealogy apps. Here’s how . . . 

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The note used in this example contains five scanned document pages downloaded from an online archive. I used the Public Link option to attach this link because it doesn’t require a login at Evernote to view. Because I use two-factor authentication on my Evernote account, having to log in for every view is quite cumbersome. Since my mobile devices all require passcodes to access, I don’t think I’m taking much risk using a public link.

I do need to be online in order to view attached URLs inside the apps. So far that hasn’t been a problem, but I do keep MobileFamilyTree on my phone . . . just in case.

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