Ulysses Update With iPhone Support

Ulysses has just released version 2.5 for Mac and iOS. Some of the many new features include:

  • Fully adapted to iPhone

  • Fully adapted to iOS 9’s Split Screen

  • Fully adapted to iPad Pro

  • Added Medium export

  • Added Share Extension

  • Added 3D Touch actions on supported devices

  • Added Spotlight indexing/opening via Springboard

  • Added DOCX import

  • Added a couple of brand new PDF/DOCX export styles

  • Added reading aloud metric

  • Added keyword editor to sheet list

  • Now always shows keywords in attachment sidebar

  • Now allows sorting on a per-group basis

The big news is the iPhone. If you think you can’t write on your phone, think again. The really good news is the iOS version is a “universal” app  meaning it will work on all your iOS devices – from an iPhone 5 to an iPad Pro. And, if you already have Ulysses on your iPad you won’t have to buy another copy for your phone. Just download.

Want to see it in action? Here’s a demo . . .

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