Building Photo Books With BookWright

When you think of photo books, you think of . . . . photos. Today, photo books can include photos, scanned documents, graphic elements and even lots of text. This makes them great platforms for family historians to capture and share their family stories.

There are a number of photo book publishing services, but one stands out. Blurb is a full service publishing service offering photo book, trade book, magazine and ebook support. Like many of the self-publishing serives, there is no minimum purchase required. If you only want one copy, you only buy one copy. Price is determined by the number of pages, book size and paper quality you choose. You can also sell your book through Blurb if you wish and Blurb can distribute it to other booksellers like Amazon and Apple’s iBooks too.

Blurb has a number of book-building tools too. You can choose to build your book using their Online Photo Books tool. It offers pre-designed layouts combining photos with short captions. It supports importing images from your Facebook, Flickr or Instagram account. Download their free BookWright software [Windows & Mac] to build photo books, magazines and even family histories for publishing as either print or ebooks.

This series of video tutorials provides an overview of the software and shows you how to build your own books.

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