Portable, Affordable Photo Studio 

Denise Levenick – The Family Curator – reviews an impressive new system for digitizing family heirlooms . . .

The Shotbox is an all-in-one solution to every family archivist’s challenge: how to efficiently digitize the fascinating assortment of artifacts, papers, books, and photographs in our care. Whether we’re curating a family collection dating back centuries and generations or mindfully preserving the history of our own treasures for our descendants, digitizing photos, documents, and memorabilia can be a difficult task.

Shotbox Inventor and Founder Aaron Johnson faced a familiar challenge when he started to digitize 12 x 12 scrapbook pages. It was tough to get the lighting and position just right, and time consuming to make constant adjustments with each new page. Johnson, co-inventor of the Cricut Cutting Machine popular with scrapbookers and paper crafters knew there had to be an easier way! Archival quality digital images can be captured with most smartphone cameras, but adequate lighting and a sturdy camera mount can be more difficult to arrange. The Shotbox tabletop photo light studio solves these challenges with its innovative features and design.

Read the rest at Shot with Shotbox: Portable, Affordable Photo Studio – SHOTBOX LLC

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