WordPress for iOS 6.1

WordPress has released an update to their iOS app with some great new features:

  • You can now manage Publicize and third-party sharing using the app. This applies to both WordPress.com and self-hosted sites using Jetpack.
  • Manage comments using swipe gestures to approve, unapprove or trash them.
  • Use the mobile app to select your primary blog.
  • Tag the location on your posts using map search.

WordPress app on iPhone

By the way . . . did you know that you can follow all kinds of RSS feeds using the WordPress Reader? Just enter the URL to a site’s feed in the text box at the top of your feeds and hit Done. You can even import an OPML file to add a bunch of news sources quickly and easily.

Unfortunately there are some features that only work on WordPress.com and Jetpack-enabled sites. For example, the only way you can comment on an “outside” site is clicking the Visit icon to open that site in your browser. You won’t see the Like or Comment icons for these sites either.

If you haven’t looked at the WordPress apps, you are missing a delightful reading – and writing – experience. And they are free! Check the WordPress Apps site to learn more.


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