Places Please!

After a number of software migrations, my genealogy data has found a delightfully function home at MacFamilyTree/MobileFamilyTree. They recently released version 8 with some impressive new features and useful updates to existing ones. I found the places management updates especially interesting since that area of my database needs work – a lotta work.

Over the last ten years my data has moved from Roots Magic on Windows to Reunion on Mac before finding its happy home here. We all know what a migration can do to our data. Mine is finally looking pretty good – except for places. MacFamilyTree’s latest update is the kick I needed to tackle them.

places screen view
Places screen on MacFamilyTree

Here is an example of the places screen on MacFamilyTree. The panel on the right lists all my places and is currently ordered by country. I have the option to group by state, county or number of events along with several sort options. At the top of the main panel is the place data elements. It can scroll so that I can see what events took place at this location. The lower panel contains the Lookup Coordinates button.

coordinates lookup
Places screen on MacFamilyTree

After clicking Lookup Coordinates, a panel similar to this one appears. Notice that it has given me several options. I can stay with just the town as my location or I could choose a specific spot – like the cemetery. The event related to this location would define the option I choose.

After choosing my option, the app drops a pin on the location I selected. I didn’t think about that too much until I took a look at the globe view.

MFT104If I needed more inspiration to finish updating my places data, this definitely did it. The lines you see here follow two ancestors from their birthplace in London to the places where they died – one in Toronto and the other in Mississippi. At the point that I captured this shot I had only completed a few place updates. Imagine what my map will look like once each event captured in each person’s life gets a places update.

Editing places in MobileFamilyTree on an iPad

Places can also be edited using the MobileFamilyTree app. You don’t get the map views offered on the Mac version, but tap the Search Coordinate icon (shown in green) to display a list of location options. Tap the location you want and your data is updated.

Data cleanup is a dull, tedious job but at least know I’ve got incentive to get it done. Thanks to Mac/MobileFamilyTree, it’s going to be a lot easier than I expected.

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