101 Best Websites for Genealogy in 2016

101 Best Websites badge

This year’s collection of 101 sites features an unprecedented array of newcomers to the list; these rising stars are noted with the ☆ symbol. As usual, we also attach dollar signs to sites that require payment to really take advantage of their offerings. (Some other websites may have premium or paid offerings, but can mostly be explored for free.)

To make room for so many additions, we’ve omitted some worthy sites that are adequately covered in other roundups in the magazine—notably state-specific sites, which now have their own “best list” (watch for it in the December 2016 Family Tree Magazine). We’re well aware that there’s a whole universe of useful sites out there, even though we have room for a mere 101 on these pages. That’s why our mission is ongoing and we’ll explore more in the next sequel.

See the list at  Family Tree Magazine.

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