Ulysses for Blogging

This week the Ulysses writing platform (Mac – $44.99 & iOS – $24.99) released an update that includes publishing to WordPress blogs – both those hosted at WordPress.com and self-hosted sites. It even supports multiple blogs!

Also included are many of the WordPress options you use regularly, including:

  • save a post as a draft , publish it immediately or schedule it for later
  • set categories and tags
  • include excerpts and featured images
  • set post formats
  • send it to WordPress as HTML or Markdown (WordPress supports Markdown)
  • preview your post in Ulysses.

Once you’ve finished a post, click the Export icon in the top toolbar. Choose the Publishing option and the blog you want to publish to. When you click the Publish button, Ulysses will display the options panel.

At the top of the panel are the standard options for your post – title, category, tags, status, etc. Scroll down to view more options including excerpt and featured image. Once everything is set the way you want it, click the Publish button.

That’s it!

Moving between Ulysses on your desktop and mobile devices is a breeze too. Now it’s easy to add photos from you iPhone or iPad to a post.

As you can see in the first screenshot, it’s quite easy to find the Publishing function on Ulysses’ desktop version. It took a bit of hunting on the iPad to find what I needed. Begin by tapping the Share icon in the toolbar.

Regardless of what you see in the bar at the top of the screen (Publishing in this example), tap the down icon to its right to display options. If Publishing is not the Format option in the Export Settings panel, tap the angle icon on the right and select Publishing. Here I have several blog accounts already set up in Ulysses. Tap the Add Account item at the bottom of the panel to set up your blog. Account setup is quick and easy and you only have to do it once.

With your blog selected as the export option, tap the cloud icon at the far right of the top bar. It will display the options panel you see below. Once you’ve assigned title, category, tags and the other items you want, tap publish.

I’m sending my articles as drafts while I get used to the process and results. So far, I’m quite impressed with this new feature. Now I’ll have “desk copies” of my posts without spending the time cutting and pasting articles and images from place to place. As my collection of posts grows in Ulysses, it will be easy to rearrange and repurpose them into other publications.

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