Ulysses’ Support Tools for Writers

How many times have you been writing away only to realize that you need to include a photo, quote or citation? You don’t want to break your writing rhythm, but you don’t want to forget to include that needed item either. The Ulysses writing platform has a number of tools that can help you manage the writing process even when you want to stay focused on your actual writing.

Ulysses comments

One easy way is to add a comment right in the text. Comments begin with two percent (%%) characters as shown in the example above. The text following those characters is visible – and searchable – within the editor but will not be included when you export your manuscript. In the example above, I’ve used a comment to remind me that I need to insert a picture here.

The panel shown to the right is the Attachment panel and can be displayed by clicking/tapping the paperclip icon found at the far right of the toolbar (located at the top of the editor screen in the Mac version and just above the onscreen keyboard in the iPad version). This is where you can add keywords, notes and pictures to the current sheet. In these examples I’ve added a “pics” keyword as well as a note with more detailed information about which pictures are needed. These are also searchable.

Ulysses Attachments

Because they are searchable, I can easily set up a filter to keep track of them. In the example below you’ll notice a Needs Pictures item in the sidebar. It is a filter that is looking for either the “pics” keyword in attachments or “%% picture” in the text.

Ulysses Sheet

At any time I can tap the Need Pictures item in the sidebar to display the sheets that still need work. Once the appropriate photo has been added to a sheet, the comment/keyword is removed and this sheet no longer appears in the filter’s sheets list.

Best of all, I can add a comment, keyword or note without disrupting the writing effort. I like that – a lot.

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