Import Files to Evernote on iPhone

Evernote notebook on iPhoneYou won’t believe how easy it is to import and attach a file to a note in Evernote on your phone. This includes photos, scanned images, PDFs and office documents. You’ll quickly discover how useful your phone can be as a research tool for capturing information at a library or archive. In this demonstration I’m using an iPhone but the steps are quite similar on most tablets and phones.

Start with a blank note. To attach an image, tap the camera icon on the toolbar just above the onscreen keyboard. It will give you the option to take a picture or choose one from your phone’s Photos library. Take or select your photo and it will be added to the note.

Blank note on iPhone

If you are attaching a document, tap the paperclip icon at the bottom of the screen. You will then be asked to choose where to look for you document. In my example, I have access to my iCloud Drive and my Documents app. If I had a Dropbox account set up on my device, it would also appear here as a cloud storage option.

Choose cloud storage option

Navigate to the file you wish to import. In the example below, I’m in the iCloud folder that contains scanned documents I scanned using the Scanner app on my phone. I want the scanned page from a family history. That is the Scan Mar 17 document shown here. I tap it to select it then tap Done in the header.

Choose file screen
Select file to import

If this folder contained a large number of files, I would use the Search bar at the top of the screen to quickly find what I needed.

All that’s needed now is metadata. In the example below, I’ve added a title, tags and appropriate notebook. If you are wondering where the tags are . . . just tap the information icon (circled i) to display them.

Add metadata for note
Add metadata

Images visible in the note but documents – PDF and otherwise – appear as attachments as shown above. Just tap the attachment icon to view the file.

View document
Opened file

Note that from this screen I can share the file, search the text and annotate the document. The four box icon you see in the toolbar will display thumbnails of each page in a document file, allowing me to select which page I want to view. When finished, I tap the X icon to return to the note screen.

Note that annotating documents and searching inside them requires an Evernote Premium subscription.

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