Stormy Weather

We were lucky. There’s a lot of debris to clean up but no trees fell in our yard and our power outages were very short. The water in the creek was the highest I’ve ever seen it but it never came near our back fence. Family and friends are still trying to get back to their homes on the islands to see if they are habitable. It will be a long time before this area is back to “normal”.

Just a few days before Matthew started kicking things up, I had upgraded our computers to MacOS 10. During the update it asked if I wanted to “sync” the Documents and Desktop folders to my iCloud account. Hmmm. I have a 200GB account that costs me $2.99/month. My iMac has a 500GB drive and I also have two external drives. Although my computer is set up for automatic backups to the larger external drive, the idea of having my working documents available via iCloud from just about anywhere is very interesting. It became even more interesting as we prepared for the storm. There were a number of household and financial documents we wanted to keep within easy reach no matter what happened during the storm. Using Readdle’s Scanner Pro app on my iPhone, I was quickly able to scan the latest insurance policies and other important documents to my desktop and iCloud within just a few minutes. Scanner Pro even makes it possible to password-protect sensitive documents.

I’m not ready to give up my desktop scanner, but I am finding my iPhone and Scanner Pro an easy way to capture and manage all kinds of documents. They were there even when the power was out.

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