WordPress Shortcodes – Recipes

Are you familiar with WordPress Shortcodes? These are handy little codes that simplify adding all kinds of formatted elements to your blog posts. For example, shortcodes make it easy to build a presentation right in your post. No PowerPoint or Keynote needed. Shortcodes simplify embedding videos, make it easy to create a sitemap of your site and many more things you’ll find useful. Some basic shortcodes are available to both WordPress.com authors and self-hosted WordPress authors. There are a number of shortcodes that are only available to WordPress.com authors. This recipe shortcode is one of them. Self-hosted sites have a broad range of shortcode plugins available to them as well as any number of recipe plugins.

If you want to post family recipes to your WordPress.com family history blog, it’s really quite simple. Here’s what a recipe looks like in the editor.

recipe shortcodes example
A view of the recipe in the editor screen.

Here’s what that recipe looks like online. Note that your site’s theme will impact the actual look for your recipe.

formatted recipe
The formatted recipe as it appears on the website.

I kept this recipe simple, but the  shortcode supports a number of additional features like notes, number of servings, difficulty and even makes it easy to include a photo of the dish. You’ll find complete details on how to use the recipe shortcode at WordPress.com Support.

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