Interesting Updates

A couple of interesting updates for iOS devices recently . . .

The Flickr app has some performance enhancements and a new “group card” feature that makes it easier to follow what’s going on in your favorite groups. Probably the most significant update is that you no longer need a Yahoo email address to create an account in Flickr. Any email address will do.

Flickr Group Cards
Flickr’s new group cards as seen on an iPad Mini.

Evernote 8.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch includes a complete redesign focused on speed and simplicity. I’ve just played with it on my iPhone for a few minutes, but it definitely is a lot easier to move around now. Other features include:

  • Evernote Shortcuts view
    Evernote Shortcuts view on iPhone

    a new notes list which makes it easy to browse through your notes

  • you can now filter notes by tags or reminders
  • the + button you see is a multi-function button which creates a new note when tapped or you can press and hold to see other options
  • search withing a notebook by tapping the search box at the top of the note list or search your entire collection from the search tab
  • text formatting options have improved too with the ability to change font size (small, medium or large), change text color and text style (bold, italics, etc.)
  • if you use shortcuts, you can access them in the tab bar.

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