Spotlight Your Photos in WordPress

In order to get your family interested in the family’s history, you need a bit of creativity. Photos – old and new – always attract attention. Fortunately, WordPress offers a number of eye-catching ways to display them. You’ll be surprised to see how easy it is to do.

This example is called a mosaic gallery. When a viewer moves the mouse across an image, the caption for that image appears across the bottom of the photo. In addition, any photo in the gallery can be clicked to view it at full size.

add-mediaThe first step in building a gallery is to upload and prepare your photos. Start by clicking the Add Media command. This example shows the formatting toolbar in the WordPress app. The Add Media button appears when you click the plus icon. This will take you to the Media Library. Every photo, graphic, document or video you upload to the library has it’s own catalog page where you can add information about the item. In the example below, you see a graphic image and several boxes for adding information about the item. Some of the information is automatically added by WordPress. You will need to include your own text in the Caption, Alt text and Description boxes.

Image Page.png

Captions are very useful. If the picture catches the reader’s eye, he will most likely want to know more about it. A “grab their interest” caption can inspire him to read the entire story. The Alt text item is also quite useful. The text included there is used by search engines to determine what this item is – making it more search-friendly. It is also used by the blind who use special reading devices to “read” a website. The Description field is for your use. As your media library grows, finding a specific item can take some time. The search icon at the top of the media library screen will search the library for you. Use the description to include words that will help make the search even easier.

Sample media page
Select the images you want for your gallery.

Once you’ve uploaded and documented your images, click to select the ones you wish to include in your gallery. When you are ready, click the Continue button at the bottom of the screen. It will take you to the Preview screen where you can choose a layout option and see how it will look in your post. In the example below, the tiled mosaic layout has been selected. Other options include individual images, thumbnail grid, square tiles, circles, tiled columns and slideshow. GalleryDetails.png

Try the different layout options to see which works best for this post. Note that the Link To option defaults to the media file (the image). When a visitor clicks on one of the images in this mosaic, WordPress will open the image to its full size.


You may find you want to rearrange the photos or make changes to the caption. You can do this by selecting the Edit tab just above the images. From here you can drag and drop images to reorder them, make changes to the caption and even delete an image by clicking the X icon at the top of each one. Once everything is the way you want it, click Update and your creation is added to your post.

Save your post, do a preview and see how it looks. Once you’ve got things just the way you want them, you are ready to publish.

Building a photo gallery takes a bit more time to design but the result is worth the effort. It’s guaranteed to attract attention.



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